We Love Small Churches!

After helping over 900 churches build sustainable youth and children’s ministries, Ministry Architects expanded its ministry work with a division that is custom built for smaller churches. This makes the same service and DNA of Ministry Architects available for smaller churches in appropriately-sized, affordable, and targeted ways.

It all happened quite naturally…

Pastors who had heard about the Ministry Architects process asked, “Could you do the same thing for a smaller church like mine?

These pastors were asking for the same results-driven, highly relational process they had observed from other churches who had partnered with Ministry Architects. The question was whether the processes that had worked so predictably could be tailored for the specific needs of youth and children’s ministries in a smaller setting.

After adjusting the core processes to fit for smaller churches, the Ministry Architects team has now led a number of small churches into many of the same sustainable results once considered only an option for larger churches. We’ve learned that when we work with smaller congregations (150 in worship or less), we can trim the number of listening sessions, modify the number of recommendations to make them more manageable, and often assess the children’s and youth ministries at the same time. All of this leads to cost savings that we’re able to pass along to the church.

“Ministry Architects did more than hold up a mirror for us to see ourselves, they gave us (a smaller size church) real tools to use—more coaches than consultants.” 

We can provide onsite and offsite support for smaller churches. We have found creative ways to provide just the kind of support that smaller churches need. We have a team of small church specialists that are anxious to help your church create and sustain momentum.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.