Sustainable Discipleship Co-Lab

Finding Time to Develop the Future Church

Churches today have been sustained by generations who have been loyal to the church and valued the habit of regular engagement. But the church of tomorrow won’t be able to rely on the people’s dedication in the same ways it has. Showing up looks different in 2023 and if you’re ready to begin intentionally helping your people develop their devotion to Christ differently, this co-lab’s for you.

Cost: $350

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  • One-on-One Orientation Call with Rob Dyer to set personal goals for the co-lab.
  • Four Live Sessions with Rob Dyer focused on sustainable discipleship.
  • Ongoing Implementation Support throughout the co-lab.
  • A Copy of “Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth Support by Will Mancini and Cory Hartman.


Often pastors spend their efforts trying to develop eager volunteers, engaged leaders, generous donors, and regular worshippers. In pursuit of these efforts, pastors can find their time filled with tasks related to the programs, services, administration, and emergencies of the church. This was a system that built the churches of the past, sustained by generations loyal to the church and who have valued the habit of regular engagement. But the church of tomorrow won’t be able to rely on people’s habitual dedication in the same ways. The future of the church may take a different approach.

Discipleship is a task that often is expected as a by-product of programs. As we move into a future where we can’t rely on loyalty and habit to maintain people’s dedication to the ministry of their church, this relational shift will be important. What if we spent more time investing in people personally to become devoted disciples of Jesus Christ? We don’t need volunteers, leaders, donors, and worshippers. What we need are disciples who do all of that and more. Besides, do you remember a time in your life and ministry when you were excited to personally help people grow closer to Jesus? Wouldn’t it feel fulfilling if you could pour some time into personal, relational disciple making? If you are a pastor who is hungry to get back some time and devote it entirely to helping people become a disciple of Jesus Christ, this co-lab’s for you. We will learn how to get that time and explore what to do with it together.

Meet your guide:

Rob Dyer

Reverend Rob Dyer is Senior Pastor at a church in the St. Louis metro area. Rob has spent the last several years working in the areas of community missions and leadership development. He has worked at both the local church level as well as the regional level bringing churches, businesses, service agencies, and individuals together for addressing hunger, homeless, and health disparity issues. He has served on numerous community boards and participated in several church-community collaborations. Rob Dyer has been a speaker for conferences, employee seminars, volunteer appreciation events, community rallies, prayer breakfasts, and more. He has also taught many all-day training and motivational events. You can also occasionally catch Rob on stage performing standup comedy or alongside his improv comedy group ComedySportz St. Louis. Within Ministry Architects, Rob particularly enjoys coaching pastors and guiding churches through times of transition and transformation. Rob is also one of the main developers of the Ministry Architects Volunteer Accelerator tool. Before becoming a pastor, Rob had a successful career as a software developer and manager working with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. And many years before that, he was a NCAA college mascot. He is used to organizing large numbers of people for transformative experiences, even if it means putting on a tiger costume.


What people are saying about Rob Dyer and his work:

Rob Dyer has been a great coach for me and our visioning/strategic planning team as we have rolled out our new strategic plan to the congregation. Our team was impressed with his listening, care, and advice. We left every Zoom call with some great next steps and things to think about.

Keith Anderson

Upper Dublin Lutheran Church

Rob Dyer’s messages always offer a realistic understanding of the challenges of our world with an outlook that is positive and compassionate.  He inspires not just to better ideals, but to action in making a difference.

Lynn Clapp

Assistant Superintendent, IL District 118 (Retired)
Senior Consultant, Vertical Performance, Inc.

Rob is able to make remarkable use of insight borne of his ministry and family life. His use of humor is appropriate and makes him more approachable to his audience.

Donald Eggleston

System Vice President, SSM Health

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