Woman, Heather Patton-Graham, Staff Consultant, in Roman collar, standing in front of a church, smiling

Heather Patton-Graham

Staff Consultant


Heather identified and dove headfirst into her passion and call to children and youth ministries during her college days at the University of Delaware, eons ago. After seminary at the General Theological Seminary, Heather was ordained to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church in 2003. She has continued to serve children, youth, and families as a priest at parishes and as a school chaplain at Episcopal schools in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Honolulu, HI, where she currently is the chaplain at St. Andrewʻs Schools, and the Provost of the Cathedral of St. Andrew, the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaiʻi. Heather loves to teach and learn and is excited by the process of teaching and learning. She is particularly energized by the collaboration of people involved in the process. Heather has led adult formation workshops, classes, and Diocesan trainings, mission/work camps for adults, families, and youth, as well as youth retreats and summer camps, and many, many more lock-ins than she can even count. Her life in schools has also been robust having taught all grade levels, led Chapels for students from Pre-K through 12th grade, and serving alongside educators and administrators whose passion for children and young people inspires her. Heatherʻs husband, Sandy, is also Episcopal clergy, and they have an adult daughter, Katie, who is a graduate student living in Virginia. Heather loves the ocean, Disney Parks, non-fiction, and singing with abandon to the soaring music of a pipe organ.