Woman, Margaret Burnett, Staff Consultant, standing outside, smiling.

Margaret Burnett

Staff Consultant


Margaret is a pastor, a baker, a vision-maker. She has served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) since 1997 and always has a passion for what “CAN be.” She earned her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and her M.Div from Columbia Theological Seminary.

In her first call as an Associate Pastor for Youth and Children, Margaret guided the church to grow a family-based ministry and created a family-based outreach ministry. In her second call as an Associate Pastor for Outreach and Mission, she worked alongside church members to build a structure for ministry that increased both outreach capacity and member involvement. Through her role as a pastor for outreach, Margaret helped the church session discern God’s call to what was “next” for the church. Out of that process the church birthed a new nonprofit to expand its care for children and families in Memphis. As the founding director of the nonprofit, the Children and Family Enrichment Center at Idlewild, Margaret helped shape a fee-free parent counseling/enrichment program, along with an early childhood enrichment center. A team-builder, strategist, and visionary, Margaret bubbles with creative and out-of-the-box opportunities for faithful growth.

Currently Margaret coaches through her own practice, The Art of Resilience, where she walks alongside people as they discern God’s call, make life transitions, and develop courage for whatever life brings. She is a retreat leader, a consultant for nonprofit leaders, and a clergy mentor.

Margaret lives in Memphis, TN with her husband Jason Wolfkill, their children, Brandon and Kate, and two funny dogs: the big one, Mia, is terrified of her shadow and the tiny one, Perrier, imagines herself to be a fierce wild beast! Margaret loves Memphis Grizzlies basketball games and relaxes by baking cupcakes, cookies, and all kinds of chocolate creations.