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What’s Next?

Volunteer Recruiting Resources

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Volunteer Recruitment Guide
and Tracking Tool

The entire volunteer recruiting process is documented in this guide called The Volunteer Megaboard.

The Volunteer Megaboard will:

  • Track your recruiting process.
  • Remind you who to approach first, and who is next. 
  • Track who has been asked.  
  • Remind you when to follow up with your potential new volunteers – until your volunteer roster is completely filled.
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Enlist an Experienced Mentor

For $400, you and a ministry veteran will meet across three sessions to develop and implement a recruiting strategy that is guaranteed to work in your unique context.

When you get stuck or hit a roadblock, you’ll have a direct line to someone who can help you move forward.

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Volunteer Accelerator:
More Volunteers Guaranteed!

Having trouble getting started? Volunteer Accelerator®
is an innovative, affordable software solution that does the hard work for you.

With one quick quiz:

  • Instantly match people to volunteer opportunities they’ll love.
  • Create a database of the talents in your church that you can return to again and again.

Don’t decide now! See it in action first.