If you missed the webinar, you can still access the recording here!

Join Rob Dyer* to explore the fears, joys, and confusion over returning to in-person church gatherings. Thursday, July 16th 1pm CT/2pm ET. This webinar will help anyone who is discerning how and when to resume in-person church life. For those who have already started in-person, this will serve as a great way to review your current plans. Your issues and concerns will drive much of the content so we can address your actual context. Sign up below, and we’ll email you the link to the webinar!

*Reverend Rob Dyer is Senior Pastor at First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL. Rob has spent the last several years working in the areas of community missions and leadership development in southern Illinois. He has worked at both the local church levels as well at the regional level bringing churches, businesses, service agencies, and individuals together for addressing hunger and homeless issues. He has served on numerous community boards and participated in several church-community collaborations. Rob also produces a Christian leadership podcast called “God Complex Radio.” In 2013, Rob was named the Citizen of the Year for Jefferson County, IL. Rob recently received recognition as an ELITE leader by the Center for Racial Harmony and an inaugural winner of the Heart and Soul Award by Caritas Family Solutions.

Before becoming a pastor, Rob had a successful career as a software developer and manager working with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. And many years before that, he was a NCAA college mascot. He is used to organizing large numbers of people for transformative experiences, even if it means putting on a tiger costume. Rob Dyer has been a speaker for conferences, employee seminars, volunteer appreciation events, community rallies, prayer breakfasts, and more. He has also taught many all-day training and motivational events. Rob lives in Belleville, IL with his brilliant and supportive wife, Sarah, and their four children.