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Volunteer Accelerator™ makes volunteer recruitment quick, easy, and meaningful.

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Internal Database

Volunteer Accelerator™ makes it easy for volunteers to find jobs they love.

In less than 5 minutes, Volunteer Accelerator™ identifies jobs that fit well with a person’s talents.
Instant results.
Customized for your Unique Church.

Volunteer Accelerator™ Helps Churches Get Engaged Quickly!

“We introduced this tool during COVID remote worship and it immediately helped us connect a visitor to service opportunities. Now she is a member and involved in two of our community missions efforts.”
“With Volunteer Accelerator, we don’t keep thinking of the same names over and over again. We are discovering how new members and even visitors can get connected in meaningful ways!”
“During a conference call, we realized that we needed a new volunteer position. I opened the tool and added the new serving opportunity. Within 5 minutes, we had identified several new, uninvolved people who would be great for the position.”

More Volunteers.

Our Simple Guarantee: The Volunteer Accelerator™ will bring you new, better-matched volunteers immediately after you launch it, or we’ll personally work with your church until it does.