Have you ever wondered why your volunteer keep showing up each week?  Why they come back the next week after they were spit up on the week before?  Why they return after spending hours cleaning up after the pizza party that got a little wild?

Maybe it’s for the smell of powdery, sunshine-filled hope they sniff as they rock a precious baby.

Maybe it’s for the sheer delight of watching a toddler raise their hands and say “Jesus!” for the first time as they repeat you.

Maybe it’s for the giddy but scary moment a 3-year-old wraps his arms around their knees when they see them in the lobby.

Maybe it’s for the challenge of coming up with another game that keeps a 5th grade boy’s attention without causing bodily injury.

Maybe it’s for the future that they can clearly see where the teenage girl changes her world with her influence.

We know they don’t do it for the pay (though sneaking a few animal crackers during snack time is pure crunchy awesomeness!).  We don’t give them enough accolades or shout outs to keep them fueled all the time.

So, why?

Because investing in people is addicting.  And rewarding.  And incomparable.

They keep coming back, week after week, because they realize that for some crazy reason, God has chosen to use us.  God has tapped them on the shoulder and said, “I want you to represent Me to these precious ones.”

So when they start getting tired, or pulling away, or not showing up, remind them of why they do what they do.  Share a story with them of life change that has happened because they serve.

If someone started a relationship with Christ, remind them that they played a part by helping keep the auditorium distraction-free.

When a child in Elementary starts a relationship with Christ, remind them of the foundation that they helped build in that child’s life.

When a teen chooses to pursue serving God themselves, remind the volunteers that they were the model for this student.

The why is because God chose us to be a part of God’s incredible plan for this planet.  Wow.