Ministry Architects has helped to build sustainable youth ministries through youth ministry consulting in more than 900 churches. These churches represent 25 Christian denominations from every region of the United States. This work has even taken us to Canada, Northern Ireland, Kenya, and Rwanda.

“We hired Ministry Architects as consultants almost 10 years ago. Without being overly dramatic about it, I can tell you that their report was the catalyst to an amazing change in our youth ministry, and in turn, in the life of our congregation.”

Churches today face a tough reality: They want to build thriving ministries to teenagers… but very few churches know how.

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Most simply resort to handing the entire responsibility to young, inexperienced youth directors. Then, they are asked to bring “their own visions” for youth ministry to the church.  This is a hit or miss proposition at best.  If the hired youth director happens to be a superstar, the church is thrilled by all he or she brings to the table. (At least until that irreplaceable youth director leaves in a few short years…or months.) If the youth director is less than stellar, the youth ministry can easily become mired in a climate of criticism and complaint. The parents and church staff members become increasingly obsessed with “fixing” the current youth director rather than the ministry.

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But thriving, sustainable youth ministries can never be built on a parade of young, enthusiastic leaders. Try as they may to piece together a disjointed collection of models, books and seminars, they just can’t keep up. Churches remain frustrated and floundering in their youth ministries… not because they can’t find “the right staff,” but because they haven’t determined their vision and established a structure for their ministries.  At Ministry Architects, we believe there is a better way. It’s not a one-size-fits-all training event or quick-fix search for superstar staffers. It’s youth ministry consulting that listens.

“Ministry Architects’ arrival on the Youth Ministry scene at our church was a Red Sea miracle.”

It all starts with building intentionally.

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So, like architects, we don’t tell churches what they want to build. We start by listening. Then, we show them a blueprint of exactly how they can move from where they are to where they want to be. Finally, we walk alongside them to help them build the kind of infrastructure they need to create the youth ministries they dream of having.

We have made it our mission to help churches establish sustainable, deep-impact youth ministries, one church at a time.  Over the last ten years, Ministry Architects has emerged as the standard for excellence in youth ministry consulting, effectively transforming struggling ministries to thriving ones.

We’d love to hear more about your youth ministry. Tell us your story, and we’ll help you lay out the next steps.