Maybe you’ve considered church consulting in the past, but you keep coming to the same, never-ending question… Is now the right time? With everything going on (world events, public health crises, staff and volunteer shortages, you name it!), shouldn’t you just wait until this “season” is over? The answer is… maybe. 

Maybe, if it really is just a “season” (a season with a DATE!), you should wait. There are absolutely seasons where that is true. However, if this “season” feels like every single Monday is bringing some new crisis to deal with, or some new fire to put out, or even just the same, exhausting rhythm you can’t seem to break, I’d like to tell you…

Why now is the time to take the leap into Church Consulting:

You have a BIG vision… But there are some BIG challenges.

God put a mission in you. He put drive and passion, and He put opportunity. You didn’t come to this place, this moment, by accident. That dream that lives in your heart is important, and it’s His dream, too. Maybe you have felt that calling. Maybe you’ve even done some great vision planning. But now, you’re looking up at all the mole hills that have piled on to make mountains and you’re tired. Maybe you’ve started to doubt. Maybe you’re even starting to wonder if you got the message wrong…


That incredible, God-sized vision for God’s church that lives in you is possible. You just need a plan, and you might need someone to help carry the load. 

That’s where church consulting comes in. 

You’ve got heavy arms. 

We’ve got a strong back.

You were gaining ground before… But now you’re STUCK.

I don’t believe that you’re the type of leader who longs for the glory days. You don’t live there any more. But maybe you do remember a time, maybe even a time as recently as February 2020, when your church was gaining ground. Maybe your worship center was filling up every Sunday with energy and momentum. With worship and worshippers. And you were SO excited to see what God was about to do.

And then it stopped.

Maybe it slammed on the breaks like a Covid-19 lbs. freight train. Or maybe it drained like an air mattress while you were sleeping. But somehow, it stopped. Whether you’ve tried everything and you’re out of ideas, or you are flat on the ground at a complete loss – church consulting can help. You don’t have to do this alone and empty handed. We can walk beside you and give you the tools you need to move forward.

You’re not sure how to MOVE FORWARD.

There is this moment, just as you are making progress on a big goal, where the fog clears. In that second – the possibilities are infinite. You can do it. You can create any change. Then suddenly, as the possibilities spread themselves into countless paths in front of you… you realize that you have no idea which path is the right one. 

You can accomplish anything! 

But you cannot accomplish everything.

And, sometimes, that paralyzing thought stops us in our tracks. Yes, we seek wisdom. We seek God’s discernment. But there are so many GOOD options. Knowing which is the BEST can feel impossible. Church consultants want to listen. We believe that your church has a very specific offering to give to the Kingdom of God. You have a very specific set of strengths and gifts. And you and your church have a very particular, very beautiful, calling. We just want to help you reach it.

When all is said and done, you want to GROW both YOUR church and THE Church.

It feels like at every ministry conference in the last decade, someone, somewhere, has said that “healthy things grow.” And they are right. Growth can be a wonderful diagnostic for health. You probably have a “size” your church is reaching for. We’ve helped churches of every size– From small to large, micro to mega. And we can help you reach your growth goals. 

But I would also encourage you that daisies grow to around 3 feet while sunflowers grow up to 14 feet. When you are judging the health of the two, you compare the leaves, not just the stems. 

There are so many great metrics for measuring the health of your church. We want to help you grow healthier in all of them.

Church consulting can bring about those God-sized changes you’re dreaming of–
Start with a Free 30-Minute Coaching Call

Not sure you’re ready to make the leap all at once?

Hiring a church consultant can be a big step. Because of that, we understand that there are many factors to consider. But if you feel like you landed on this page for a reason, and if you want to take action on those things that have felt inactionable for a while, we want to help.

Talk to us about getting a rolling start with 6-months of ministry coaching!

We’ll help you prioritize the changes YOU want to see in your ministry, help you find and utilize the resources needed to pursue them, and get you the information you need to decide if a 12+ month church consulting package is right for you.

Email and take the first step toward the ministry you want!

Brandi Kirkland serves as a staff consultant, search recruiter, and SEO specialist for Ministry Architects. Church systems and strategy are her very favorite thing. She’s led ministry in both single-site and multi-site churches, and believes that each church has its own, unique offering that it brings to the cause of Christ. You can connect with Brandi here.

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