What’s Next for Your Church or Ministry?

In 2013, Ministry Architects began its journey into whole church consulting.

After years of working with youth and children’s ministries, more and more of our friends told us, “This isn’t just about sustainable youth ministry; it’s about sustainable ministry.” It became increasingly clear that the same foundational principles of sustainable ministry apply in profound ways to entire churches.

If your church has a dream that just won’t let go but that has struggled to get traction, if your church has found itself stuck or plateaued, if your church has made strategic plans that have gotten sidelined by the day-to-day, the Ministry Architects systems may just be your solution to moving you beyond those intractable challenges that have kept your church baffled.

Our process looks like this:

1. We listen. We want to identify your church’s areas of greatest passion and the obstacles keeping you from getting there.

2. We create. Often when we’re stuck, it’s because we don’t know our next step. We deliver to you a manageable, step-by-step strategic plan, customized for your context that you can start implementing immediately. (In some cases, we develop a manageable timeline for the strategic plan you already have.)

3. We sequence the work and implement with you. This is where we are different from most consultants, we actually implement the strategic plan right alongside you. When churches partner with Ministry Architects beyond an initial assessment, we give you more than a plan; we share the load to ensure the plan gets executed.

To learn more about how we can partner with you, connect with us today.

What about small church consulting?

We provide support for smaller churches, as well. In fact, we have a whole team of small church specialists who are experienced in helping communities like yours create and sustain momentum. Learn more here.