I know you’re not all that thankful for the discouraging text message or email you received from one more disgruntled churchgoer. The truth is, because we live in a fallen world, poor communication and hurt feelings are a certain reality. 

I know it seems odd that I’m about to ask you to be thankful over something like this, but that’s what I’m going to do. Here’s why: conversations like this have the potential to grow us as leaders in humility, grace, perseverance and wisdom. 

Sometimes I’ve spent hours, or even days mulling over a discouraging text message or email someone sent me. Because of it, I’ve even entertained thoughts of, “Why am I even in ministry? If this is how I’m treated, is this even worth it?”

As we are met with discouragement, we can choose to practice wisdom and perseverance, continuing to give thanks to the Lord for our calling in life, or give into discouragement, defeat and despair.  Click To Tweet

Whenever I choose to be thankful, I can freely let go of the hurt and disappointment I feel over one more discouraging message from someone within the church body. 

The Lord is immensely generous and kind in how He deals with us. With our brothers and sisters in Christ within the church however, that is not always the case, unfortunately. We have to remember, it’s not them that we’re pleasing. Sometimes that’s a hard one for me to live out, since I tend to be a bit of a people pleaser. When we center our thoughts and affections on the Lord, giving praise and thanks to Him, we are reminded once more that He is the one we serve. 

So, don’t dwell too long on that discouraging message.

Remember to give thanks and be generous in how you practice humility towards others and the Lord will reward you greatly for it as you grow as a leader. Click To Tweet

Not only will your leadership capacity flourish, but your relationship with Jesus will too.   

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