(Extra)Ordinary Devotional Book


By Stephen Ingram – 365 daily devotionals and Bible readings that can be custom tailored to meet the personal needs of the young reader.


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Written by Stephen Ingram

A 365-day devotional journal your students will actually read(Extra)Ordinary isn’t like other year-long devotional journals. Because of its unique design, teens have control over where they jump in each day based on how they feel or what they are going through.

(Extra)Ordinary features the following sections:
• Ordinary Times: Over 100 image-driven devotions perfect for everyday life.
• Crazy Times: 10-days each, issue specific devotions for when life gets crazy.
• Holiday Times: Special devotions for Lent, Advent/Christmas, even their Birthday!

(Extra)Ordinary is ideal for:
•    Helping teens grow deeper in their faith
•    Challenging believers of all levels with daily content
•    Gifts for Students

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