Hollow Faith


Hollow Faith: How Andy Griffith, Facebook and the American Dream Neutered the Gospel

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Have Andy Griffith, Facebook, and the American Dream neutered the Gospel?  Do you sense a church with Hollow Faith?  Are you prepared to look in the mirror and examine your ministry? Inside you will find Youth Worker Training on how to face the following underlying conditions that are plaguing the North American Christian Church.

  • Moralism
  • Therapeutic Religion
  • Modern Deism
  • Self-Absorption (meism)
  • Consumerism
  • Pluralism

Inside you will also find Curriculum to address these issues in your youth ministry and a Parents Guide.  The following lessons seek to provide teachers with engaging and solid theological lessons to address the conditions above:

  • What’s Wrong with Being Nice?
  • Getting (un)Comfortable with God
  • The Inescapable God
  • Jesus Loves Me This I Know… But What About Everyone Else?
  • Three Little Birds and The Gospel of Enough
  • Being Courageously Christian in a Pluralistic World

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