I remember as a kid how much I wrestled with what I would be for Halloween. Whatever costume I chose had to be the perfect fit. It had to fit my personality and no ordinary costume would do.

Minnie Mouse? No.

Superwoman? Eh, maybe.

A giant whoopee cushion? Yes, yes, that’s the one.

Searching for the right hire at our churches really matters too. We’re looking for someone who fits the DNA and culture of our church. No ordinary hire will do.

Here are some common pitfalls churches stumble into when they’re looking for the perfect hire.

  1. The Anxious Hire. They get anxious, so they fill the need quickly instead of dealing with the tension of having a vacancy.
  2. The Super Star Hire. They look for a super star personality instead of someone who would be a great fit for their church.
  3. The S.O.S. Hire. They might be hiring with the expectation that this person is going to save their ministry. That’s way too much pressure to put on someone and they’re sure to crumble under the weight of it.

Here are some good practices to try out when searching for the right hire.

  1. Take your time. It typically takes a number of months to find the right hire. Wait, pray and pray some more as you sift through resume and interviews.
  2. Listen to the heart of your church. How will you know who the right hire is if you don’t know what the desires of your church body are? Take time to create space for people to share their dreams and desires for the next hire. Give them space to share about the things they love about the church. Finding someone who fits the church culture is imperative to their longevity at your church.
  3. Gather a team of trusted people. One of the worst things that can happen is making decisions in isolation. The more trusted people involved in a big decision, the better. Make sure to recruit people with wisdom. Folks who desire unity. Leave the complainers out.
  4. Set Realistic Expectations. Don’t expect your hire to save the day or turn the ship of a sinking ministry on their own. Set realistic expectations and set healthy boundaries for your hire. Give them the space to thrive and keep their priorities in order.
  5. Did I Say Take Your Time? Don’t give into anxiety. Trust in God’s provision and wait for His hand to move and provide the next great hire for your church.

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