A Cohort for UK based youth workers

  • What if there was a clear, time-tested strategy for creating a sustainable youth ministry?
  • What if youth ministry could be less about busyness and activity and more about fruitfulness and productivity?
  • What if someone could help you to create a sustainable vision and strategy for your ministry?

Your Guide


Mike Rutt

Mike Rutt has been involved in youth ministry for over 10 years, having spent the last nine as Youth Ministry Co-Ordinator at the Anglican Church he came to faith in as a teenager in South London. As part of his role he also serves as the Assistant Chaplain at the local High School and has been part of the Chaplaincy team for the local Premier League Football Team. Mike has a certificate in Youth and Theology from Princeton Seminary and is a member of the Ministry Architects team.

Sustaining your next 5 years in youth ministry

Our calling as youth leaders is to nurture young teenage disciples so that, when they leave for university, or get a job, five years down the road, they will still be actively living out authentic faith. But, it’s not easy.

Most of us who’ve been in youth ministry for any length of time have experienced the frustration of trying to do too much. Many have experienced crippling burn out of churches placing sky high expectations of youth leaders with limited resource.

But what if there was another way? A way of creating a sustainable, thriving ministry, that gives you the opportunity to succeed over a long period of time?

At Ministry Architects, we believe there is! But, it’s going to take more than a seminar, more than a weekend, more than a drive-by presentation. It takes wise, solid, practical ongoing guidance.

That’s why we’re offering this application-only, coaching cohort. Whether you’ve been in your first job for a few years, or just starting out, we’re convinced this one year small group experience will have a significant impact on your ministry.