Church consulting, collaborative design, project management, and sequenced execution for…

Children’s Ministry Consulting
Children’s Ministry Architects is dedicated to building sustainable children’s ministries one church at a time. FIND OUT MORE
Youth Ministry Consulting
We have made it our mission to help churches establish sustainable, deep-impact youth ministries, one church at a time. FIND OUT MORE
Young Adult Ministry Consulting
Ministry Architects is excited to help reach a group of young adults that churches traditionally struggle with, and create wildly successful and long-lasting ministry. FIND OUT MORE
Whole Church Consulting
If your church has a dream that just won’t let go but that has struggled to get traction, the Ministry Architects systems may just be your solution to moving you beyond those intractable challenges that have kept your church baffled. FIND OUT MORE
Denominational Bodies and Associations Consulting
Our work with strategic planning, innovation, executive coaching, and granular project management allows denominational bodies and associations to work with greater creativity, consistency, and momentum. FIND OUT MORE
School Consulting
We provide design consulting for entirely new programs, sustainability coaching for programs with shifting resources, and recruitment coaching, particularly for High School Youth Theology programs on college and seminary campuses. FIND OUT MORE

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