We love them. We need them. But sometimes they’re so tough to get! Take a look at these tools and let us know if you want to brainstorm more ideas with a one-on-one call.

Volunteer Recruitment Guide 
A resource to help you determine who you need on your team and how to ask.

4 Tips for Volunteer Recruiting by Kristin Franke
This how-to guide provides not just “what to do” but “how to do it”, when it comes to inviting new leaders to join your team. Plus, you’ll find four bonus links with additional resources, if you make it all the way to the end!

Getting Your Team on the Same Page AND Equipping Your Volunteers both by David Carroll
Once you have a committed team for fall, these reads will help ensure they know more than just when to show up and what to do when they arrive.

Want Stable Serving Teams? by Melinda Kinsman
Has a last minute call-off from a volunteer ever made you dance the Saturday Scramble? Then this strategy might be right for you.

4 Reasons People Are Not Volunteering (And What to Do About It) by Rob Dyer
As folks are establishing their new fall rhythms, considering why people aren’t making serving a priority may help you rethink how you structure your volunteer opportunities (and ministries).

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