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Read each statement and determine how true it is for your church or ministry. Then, add up your points to learn just how full and fulfilled your volunteers are:

100% true 5 points

Mostly true 4 points

Somewhat true 3 points

Mostly untrue 2 points

Not true at all 1 point

  1. Our roster of volunteers is 90% full at any given time.
  2. We know exactly which volunteer positions need to be filled right now.
  3. We follow the same tried and true strategy for recruiting volunteers each year and across all departments.
  4. All volunteers are trained and know what their responsibilities are.
  5. Our volunteer structure includes leaders and leaders of leaders.
  6. Our volunteers are growing in their roles and some stay in the same role for years.
  7. Each volunteer has a job description that is updated each year.
  8. We have a plan for when a volunteer doesn’t show up.
  9. We know that at least 90% of our volunteers are living into their God-given gifts and talents in their volunteering.
  10. When a volunteer position opens up, we have a list of people to contact.

Add up your score to see how you’re doing. And remember: no matter where you land, we’d love to hear about it! Sign up for a free coaching call to learn a couple of quick action steps that are guaranteed to get results.

10-15  – You most likely are feeling the pressure of running ministries without adequate volunteer support.

In addition to doing most of the work yourself, you may find yourself scrambling to find help at the last minute. Most likely, you are feeling desperate, discouraged, and exhausted. You are ready for significant change. Many churches have found relief from this stress through our volunteer matching tool, The Volunteer Accelerator. Sign up for a free demo today to see if it can help you, too. 

15-25 – You are experiencing the pressure of week-to-week volunteer recruiting.

You’ve got a couple of volunteers you can count on but you’re also spending several hours each week filling in the gaps. You most likely call on the same faces over and over which might have your volunteers feeling tired and wondering when they can take a break. You need a strategy that gets you out of the cycle of weekly recruiting and back to running a life-giving ministry. We recommend that you consider signing up for our four-week Volunteer Intensive. You will learn and implement a tried-and-true system for getting all the volunteers you need.

25-40 – You’ve got some volunteers you know you can rely on, and many of them are feeling fulfilled in their roles.

Occasionally, you’ve got some last-minute recruiting to do but, for the most part, volunteers are recruited, trained, and deployed into life-giving roles. If you don’t have a clearly defined system for recruiting that includes a list of potential volunteers to call when you have an opening, we recommend you download our volunteer megaboard with instructions to help you find all the volunteers you need.

40-50  – You’re probably feeling pretty confident about your volunteer situation, your teams are full – or close, and your volunteers are fulfilled in their roles.

If this is you, we’d love to meet you and share a couple of actionable steps that will help you continue strengthening the sustainability of your ministry.  Click this link to be connected with a coach who is ready to talk about volunteers.

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